Positive Changes for the Summer at Absolute Mixed Martial Arts

New programs for absolute MMA. We are adding classes and programs to our existing schedule. We have already added some new classes over the last 4 months. The fundamental Jiu Jitsu class was one as well as the no-gi Jiu Jitsu class. Kettlebell training three times a week was another addition to the variety of programs offered at our gym.

As we begin the summer months, we are adding both classes and seminars to our schedule. Our head coach, Professor Rob Handley, is a two time medalist in the National Judo competition and a Shodan in Judo. He has decided that we will be adding an additional takedown class on Friday’s at 6:00 pm, beginning on May 3rd. This will give us two days a week for wrestling and Judo practice. We will be training for and encouraging competition as well as promotion in the sport of Judo.

We are also making some exciting changes in the structure of some of our Muay Thai classes. The first change is that Tuesday and Thursday Muay Thai classes at 6:00 pm will be Beginner Muay Thai classes that will focus on fundamental techniques that allow each student to progress in the basic skill sets and combinations. It will follow a curriculum that allows students to acquire skills and be tested on their knowledge at the end of the training course.

The second change is that we are beginning an assistant trainer program. The assistant trainer program is designed to develop a student’s ability to effectively train and teach the skills learned at Absolute MMA.  Braeden Kilpack and Stump Brown are both in this program. Stump has been with Absolute MMA for 10 years and is a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu. Braeden has been with us for almost 5 years, has been successful in mixed martial arts fights as well as winning his first Muay Thai match. He is taking a break from fighting and has been selected for the assistant trainer program. He will be teaching Muay Thai on Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 pm. We are looking forward to the contribution and progress that both Stump and Braeden will bring.

Another addition to our training regimen is seminars. Seminars are a great way to get a different perspective on our training and techniques. Training with experts in our chosen discipline(s) can give a boost to regular training and help keep our mind open to explore fresh approaches to what we think we know. Professor Handley insists on providing that opportunity for all Absolute MMA team members. To that end, he is bringing in several high level teachers this summer. The first will be Professor Marcio Corleta. Professor Corleta is a fourth degree black belt under Grand Master Flavio Behring who has won multiple World and Pan Am Jiu Jitsu championships.

Professor Corleta is a very skilled teacher, able to pass detailed information to students which allows them to replicate the techniques with accuracy and efficiency. He is also a very genuine and down to earth person. He loves Jiu Jitsu and it shows in the enthusiasm he shares when teaching. The seminar will take place on May 6th and 7th at Absolute MMA. This seminar will be open to all Jiu Jitsu practitioners in Utah.

In addition to Professor Corleta’s seminar, Professor Handley will be bringing in Grand Master Flavio Behring. Grand Master Flavio is in a unique position in Jiu Jitsu. He is one of only a very few Red Belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is the only Red Belt still traveling the world (literally) and teaching what he learned under Helio Gracie. His depth and breadth of knowledge is based on 65 years of training, fighting and teaching Jiu Jitsu. His teaching style allows both the new white belt and the experienced black belt to learn new material. Grand Master Flavio also brings his vast experience to the evolution of our sport which provides a valuable perspective. The Grand Master Flavio Behring seminar will be at the end of August, 2013.

The additional classes, the seminars and the assistant instructor program will all bring positive thing to the students at Absolute MMA. We look forward to having you all with us as we continue to grow, improve ourselves and each other.