Absolute MMA and Murray Boys & Girls Club Hold Anti-bullying Event


Murray Boys & Girls club held an anti-bullying event on February 22nd. Terra Bueno, Director of the Murray Club, invited Professor Pedro Sierra of Absolute MMA to her facility. Professor Pedro had just completed two appearances at Monte Vista Elementary School for anti-bullying and was happy to help add to the education being taught at the Murray Boys & Girls Club.

Professor Pedro is a 2nd degree black belt of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a 1st degree black belt in Japanese Karate and a brown belt in Judo. He has over 17 years of teaching both children and adults and currently instructs at Absolute MMA._7005896 (1) _7005899

Professor Pedro and the group of volunteers from Absolute MMA arrived at the Murray Boys & Girls Club to work with the children on Friday. The first group were ages 5-8 years old and the second were ages 9-12 years old. Professor Pedro involved the kids in a discussion about what they thought bullying was. There were a wide variety of answers which reflected the amount of exposure by education and/or experience that the group has had with bullying. The children spoke of everything from physical violence to gossiping and excluding each other._7005842 _7005906

They then discussed what types of things to do if a person was being bullied. Again, there was a great variety of answers. Many of the answers reflected both experience and anti-bullying training by educators in the school system and the Boys & Girls Club. The primary focus was on non-violent resolution to bullying. Standing up for themselves was the first and most important factor in addressing bullies. There were several other options including getting help from trusted adults. Secrecy is one of the biggest contributing factors to prolonged bullying. Professor Pedro and the volunteers discussed this to educate and give them another way to help reduce how long a child has to suffer._7006104 _7006109

The option reserved for last resort was physical force. It was discussed that physical force was only to be done if there were no other options and there was no help to be had at the moment against a physical attack. To that end, Professor Pedro and his volunteers demonstrated several ways to ¬†defend against physical force. Throws and escapes from grabs and strikes were shown which captured the children’s attention. The groups were then taught a few escapes from wrist grabs which did not require striking to be effective. Using the principles of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, leverage and technique, the children were able to successfully perform the escapes.

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One of the goals of the Absolute MMA team was to provide a positive, calm presence. They did this by their attitude and demeanor, speaking to the children as equals and giving them options that they can use that were age appropriate. Bullying is never easy to deal with, at any age. The ultimate goal is to equip our children with the tools to be confident in this situation. Combining verbal techniques with physical training can give them that. Sessions like this, combined with the education of parents, schools and places like the Boys & Girls Club will allow our children to be well armed in the fight against bullying.

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Thank you to Terra Bueno for this great opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with these wonderful children. Thank you to the volunteers of Absolute MMA; Bret Gold, Ben Garner and Braeden Kilpack. We look forward to coming back and working with the thirteen to eighteen year old group. Thanks to The Infinity Machine for their photographs. If you would like Absolute MMA to come to your facility for a self-defense or anti-bullying  event, contact us at (801) 255-1166 or visit us at absolutemma.com. _7006037(1)