Utah Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Braeden Kilpack Fights Again!

Braeden Kilpack, Utah mixed martial arts fighter out of Absolute MMA, is heading to California again. Braeden is taking his 2-1 record to Jamestown, CA to compete in the Art of War production, “Stand and Deliver.” His last fight in California was just one month ago. Looking to get experience as an amateur, Braeden has been traveling out of state to find opponents that will test his skills and help build his reputation for the move to professional mixed martial artist.

This match will be against an opponent who has more experience. Roque Reyes has a 5-2 fight record and is a scrappy wrestler. This should prove to be a great match up as Braeden has been known primarily for his striking. The fight takes place on March 2, 2013 and will be held at the Chicken Ranch Casino, Jamestown, California.



Training at his home gym Absolute MMA in West Jordan, Utah, Braeden shares his passion for the martial arts with his fellow teammates. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, Submission Grappling and Kettlebells are all part of the training that he incorporates into his fight game.  Currently known for his striking, Braeden also has put in hundreds of hours on the mat to sharpen his grappling skills as well as his wrestling. He is looking to be a complete mixed martial artist and knows that he cannot do this without dedication and serious effort.


The whole Absolute MMA team is looking for good things from Braeden. He puts in his time and helps those around him to improve. A team player in an individual sport is a rarity. Braeden has this trait and has the support of his whole team.