Absolute MMA Kettlebell Team Competes!

Absolute MMA Kettlebell team competed in the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships last weekend. They came away with two first place finishes and one second place finish. This was the first time the Absolute MMA kettlebell team has competed in the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships. Coached by Absolute MMA head coach and owner, Rob Handley, his team did well at their first World Championship.


Wendy Burton competed with the 16 kg (35 lbs) kettlebell in her first ever kettlebell competition. She has been a part of the Absolute MMA kettlebell team for under 6 months. Wendy’s goal was to make Rank 3 for long cycle in the World Kettlebell Club. The requirement for her to achieve this is for her to complete 52 repetitions of clean and jerk per hand in a ten minute set. She crushed it, completing 54 reps per hand. For the record, that is 1890 lbs. per hand or 3780 lbs. in a 10 minute time frame. Wendy looked cool and calm the entire set, even though she said she was nervous for the whole thing. Her reps were clean and she had great rhythm. We know she will continue to improve and do more amazing things. Congratulations, Wendy!


Riley Swann was Absolute MMA’s youngest kettlebell competitor at 16 years old. In fact, she was the youngest competitor at the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships. Riley has been a part of the Absolute MMA kettlebell team for just under 5 months. Riley’s competition event was long cycle. Unfortunately, she developed a case of severe tendonitis just two weeks before the competition. This greatly impacted her ability to train with her right hand in the weeks just prior to the event. Riley’s response was to train with one hand and change her competition kettlebell from 16 kg (35 lbs.) to 14 kg (30.8 lbs.). She showed up, competed and took first place in her division. Riley was looking to make Rank 2 which would have required 52 reps per hand and she almost made it. She successfully completed 50 reps on her left hand and 47 on her injured right arm. That is 1540 lbs. on her left side and 1447 lbs. on her right side, giving her a total of 2987.6 lbs. in ten minutes. Riley is a true warrior and we know she will be making Rank 2 soon and much more. Congratulations, Riley!



Pedro Sierra competed with the 24 kg (53 lbs.) kettlebells in the long cycle event. Pedro has competed previously and achieved Rank 2 in the biathlon event. This was Pedro’s first attempt at the long cycle event and first time competing with this weight. He was looking to achieve Rank 1 but didn’t get the reps he needed. He was required to complete 54 long cycle reps for Rank 1 and made 45. That is 4770 lbs. for his set. We look for him to continue his training and achieve Rank 1 in the near future. Pedro did take home 2nd place in his division.

Absolute MMA’s kettlebell team is growing and it’s team members are improving rapidly. The instruction and training methods that are employed by Head Coach Rob Handley allow each lifter to gain skill with a solid understanding of fundamentals. All of the lifters want to say thank you to Coach Rob for his patience, his time and his willingness share his knowledge and experience with each person. He is greatly appreciated. Thank you, sir!