Absolute MMA Takes Home Team Honors at Champion Grappler Jiu Jitsu Tournament


topAbsolute MMA team members took the most recent Champion Grappler’s event by storm. This Utah grappling team took the top score with 9 points above the nearest team. They all fought hard and applied the technique they train in class. Excellent work!

Here are the results from the adult and kids divisions.


Adult Team Scores
1. Absolute MMA
2. Westside Academy
3. Fusion Academy
4. Keith Owen BJJ
5. Paul Tom BJJ
6. Unbreakable
7. University of Grappling
8. BYU

Individual Standings

Beginner Men’s Gi (146-160 lbs)
Samson  Phommabout РGold

Beginner Men’s Gi (179-198 lbs)
Tye Watkins – Bronze

Men’s Gi (146-160 lbs)
Justin Mitterling – Gold

Absolute Men’s Gi
Justin Mitterling – Bronze

Beginner Men’s No-Gi (146-160 lbs)
Samson Phommabout – Silver

Beginner Men’s No-Gi (179-198 lbs)
Tye Watking – Bronze

Men’s No-Gi (0-145)

Joel Haro – Bronze

Absolute Beginner Men No-Gi
Samson Phommabout – Gold

Absolute Men No-GI
Javier Jones – Silver


Absolute MMA kids team took second in a field of nine teams with many of them fielding teams of much larger numbers. The kids team results are as follows.



1. Westside Academy
2. Absolute MMA
3. Keith Owen BJJ
4. Fusion Academy
5. Unbreakable
6. University of Grappling
7. Paul Tom BJJ
8. Alliance Jiu Jitsu
9. Elite Performance

Individual Standings

Kids Gi – A
Guy Jensen – Silver

Kids Gi – C
David Tanner – Silver

Kids Gi – D
Miri Pelca – Bronze

Kids Gi – E
Zachary Tanner – Gold

Kids Gi – F
Sailor Jensen – Gold

Kids Gi – G
Armano Dzanic – Bronze

Kids Gi – I
Ara Pelca – Gold

Kids Gi – J
Xerxes Pelca – Silver

Kids Gi – P
Tali Gasu – Gold

Kids Gi – S
Hunter Monson – Gold

Kids No-Gi A
Guy Jensen – Silver

Kids No-Gi D
David Tanner – Bronze

Kids No-Gi G
Sailor Jensen – Silver

Kids No-Gi H
Zachary Tanner – Bronze

Kids No-Gi J
Armano Dzanic – Gold

Kids No-Gi Q
Tali Gasu – Gold

Kids No-Gi T
Hunter Monson – Silver

Congratulations to all the Absolute MMA team! Great work, great sportsmanship and great results.