Absolute MMA Takes Mixed Martial Arts By Storm!

Absolute MMA took mixed martial arts by storm! SteelFist Fight Night put on an all ages show, “Intensity”, on October 4, 2014. Absolute MMA had three fighters in this mixed martial arts show; Skyler Frazier, Alfred Quinn and Aaron Thompson.

Absoltue MMA mixed martial arts fighter

Alfred “The Viking” Quinn

Alfred “The Viking” Quinn was the third fight of the night and the first of Absolute’s to step in to the cage that night. Alfred was making his debut fight in mixed martial arts at this show. He is a hard worker in the gym and a favorite with his teammates. He has contemplated fighting for a few years and finally put his dream into reality. Alfred came with a huge entourage of family and friends and they made themselves known as he walked into the cage.

Alfred came out and circled, pushing his opponent into the corner on his side of the cage. A few sharp shots and Alfred had his opponent on the run. He circled again and drove his opponent into the cage. Avoiding an attempt at a take down, Alfred grabbed a front headlock and drove his opponents head down. Escaping the snap down he got put right back in the front headlock. This time, Alfred kicked his feet out and dropped his bodyweight, driving his opponent all the way to the mat, headfirst. After stunning his opponent, Alfred circled to the back and started dropping heavy shots to the side of the head. This caused his opponent drop to the floor to escape the damage. Alfred followed and finished the fight from the mount, delivering crushing blows that shook the whole cage. Alfred “The Viking” Quinn, Absolute MMA fighter, wins his debut mixed martial arts bout in the first round!

Absolute MMA mixed martial ats fighter

Absolute MMA fighter, Aaron Thompson.

Aaron Thompson was fight number eleven and Absolute’s second match of the night. Aaron had a record of 3-0 coming into this match with a strong and skilled opponent. Aaron put some serious time in the gym and competed just a few weeks before in a NAGA tournament to take gold in the no-gi advanced division. Aaron was pumped and ready to fight and fight hard.

The two came out and exchanged strikes fairly evenly. Seeing they were evenly matched in standup, Aaron decided to take the fight to his comfort zone, grappling. He bulled his opponent against the cage and attempted several takedowns. His attempts were blocked and the two wrestled against the cage for a few seconds, neither getting the advantage over the other. As the grappling continued, Aaron was able to secure a front headlock and then a guillotine. His opponent attempted to counter by picking Aaron up and slamming him but wasn’t able to shake the choke. Aaron continued to apply the guillotine and lock up the guard, forcing the submission just a few seconds after hitting the ground. Another first round victory from Absolute MMA! Aaron improved his mixed martial arts record to 4-0 with this win.


Absolute MMA mixed martial ats fighter

Absolute MMA fighter, Skyler “The Utah Kid” Frazier.

Skyler “The Utah Kid’ Frazier was the thirteenth fight of the night and the last of the Absolute MMA stable to enter the cage. Skyler is one of the most consistent people at Absolute MMA. He trains hard and often and makes sure his diet is a reflection of his goals. He is always in shape and makes cardio a regular part of his training, outside what he does in regular classes.

The Utah Kid had to have a fighter imported from Idaho as his original match up pulled out just two weeks before the fight. Some fighters would be rattled by this sudden and last minute change in plans. Not Skyler. His confidence is supreme; in himself, his team and the training that he goes through. It showed in this fight.

Skyler’s opponent came out swinging. Unfortunately, his head was down and his punches weren’t as sharp as they should have been. Skyler circled and avoided any damage, looking a little amused by the charge. He was charged again, this time Skyler was pushed against the fence. Skyler got an underhook on his left side and torqued his opponent to the mat, Skyler on top. It was a quick finish from there. Jackhammer blows stunned and then separated his opponent from consciousness enough that the referee stopped the fight. Skyler “The Utah Kid” Frazier improves his mixed martial arts record to 7-1 with this TKO! Another first round stoppage from Team Absolute!

Team Absolute MMA.

Team Absolute MMA.

Team Absolute truly is a team. There are those that fight and those that do not. These victories were a result of the entire team, working and training together. They push each other to do greater things and support and encourage each to be better than they were before. The team’s support of each other was evident in the performance on Saturday, October 4th at the Legacy Event Center. Absolute MMA had three fights and three first round finishes; two TKOs and one submission. Not one of the three made it past the first round. Congratulations to our individual fighters, Alfred “The Viking” Quinn, Skyler “The Utah Kid” Frazier and Aaron Thompson. Congratulations also go to all the teammates that gave of themselves for the improvement of the people around them.

We’ll leave you with a quote from our Head Coach, Rob Handley.

“Together we can do great things.”