Fix-o-meter Helps Absolute MMA Train for World Kettlebell Lifting Championships

Absolute MMA Kettlebell Team

Absolute MMA is on its way to the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships. We are training to compete in this event in October of 2013. Our team is training consistently and with serious intent. This will be the first kettlebell competition for almost all of our team and we are excited to see the results. There have already been great gains in each individual’s performance.

One of the tools we are implementing is the Fix-o-meter. Introduced by Valery Fedorenko and the World Kettlebell Club just a short time ago to the kettlebell community, this tool has provided our team with invaluable feedback. This feedback has allowed both our beginner and experienced lifters to make improvements in their technique, thus allowing for better reps at an earlier stage.

We are all enjoying the benefits we gain from training kettlebells. All of our team does other martial arts in addition to kettlebell lifting. They train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling and some are Mixed Martial Artists. Every person can give you several improvements to their respective games as a result of kettlebell training.

Absolute MMA is very excited and motivated to compete in October. We will be posting some of our progress as well as the results of the competition. See you all on the mat!