Absolute Mixed Martial Artist in Local MMA Show


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Samson Phommabout is continuing his career at a mixed martial artist next Friday, September 27! He will be fighting in Steelfist Fight Night XIX “Fearless.”  Samson will be fighting Hal Mitchell who will be making his mixed martial arts debut … Continue reading

Absolute Mixed Martial Arts Takes Home Victory From Art Of War Event


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Braeden Kilpack of Absolute Mixed Martial Arts, won a unanimous decision victory over Roque Reyes during the undercard of the Art Of War event in Jamestown, California. Kilpack (3-1) used his height advantage in this mixed martial arts bout to … Continue reading

Utah Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Braeden Kilpack Fights Again!


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Braeden Kilpack, Utah mixed martial arts fighter out of Absolute MMA, is heading to California again. Braeden is taking his 2-1 record to Jamestown, CA to compete in the Art of War production, “Stand and Deliver.” His last fight in … Continue reading

Utah MMA Returns to California


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Utah MMA fighter, Braeden Kilpack will once again be fighting in California. This will be Braeden’s 5th mixed martial arts fight, this time against an opponent whose record is 5-3-0. Roques Reyes, Braeden’s opponent, will be looking to derail Braeden’s … Continue reading

Absolute Mixed Martial Arts Continues Support of Utah MMA


_RAN5315-EditLance Gorman of Absolute Mixed Martial Arts will be entering a three round, mixed martial arts bout on February 8th. Showdown Fights X will be holding an event for both amateur and professional fighters in Orem, Utah. This event will be a another illustrious occasion for Utah MMA. Lance will be looking to improve his 6-6-0 record over Mike Gahan, a fighter out of John Hackleman’s camp in California. Mike’s record is 4-0-0 and he is known as a tough striker. This bout will be a professional match at 145 lbs.

Good luck, Lance. We are looking for a good fight on Friday. Come support Lance in his return to the cage!

Denver Merrifield-Nirva Wins Showdown Fight – Utah Mixed Martial Arts

Absolute MMA Fighter Denver Merrifield-Nirva

Sorry for the late post, gang. We wanted to make sure and share Denver’s performance at the latest Showdown Fights: Lightweight Championship. Denver fought a professional Utah Mixed Martial Arts match against Agustin Espinoza at Bantamweight, 135 lbs.

First round domination

The first round saw Denver pressuring his opponent as soon as the bell rang. Taking control of the center of the cage, Denver forced Augustin to the edge and immediately put him on the defensive. Pressure from punch and kick combinations gave Augustin little chance to use his heavy hands and aggressive style. Denver continued his assault, striking almost at will and taking no damage in the first round.

The second round had more action as Denver started to put more of his striking skills into play. Jumping knees, head kicks, and submissions dominated this round.

At one point, Denver had secured an armlock from the guard on Augustin. Showing great strength and determination, Augustin picked Denver up to slam him. As Denver was being lifted up, he changed his attack to a go-go plata. As Denver’s back hit the floor, he rolled Augustin to his back and it looked like he had the choke on!

Augustin managed to move just enough to avoid the choke which allowed Denver to transition to knee on the belly. From here he threw punches and elbows to set up a flawless arm bar. Herb Dean stopped the fight due to arm lock in the second round. Denver improved his record to 5-1 with this impressive victory.

Congratulations Denver!  Great fight! We are proud to have you represent Absolute MMA.

Utah Mixed Martial Arts | Showdown Lightweight Championship

Utah Mixed Martial Arts

Showdown Fights will be putting on a show on November 16th, 2012. This will be a Utah Mixed Martial Arts event that will showcase fighters from Utah and California. Featured in this show will be two fighters from Absolute MMA.

Denver Merrifield-Nirva

An up and coming fighter out of Absolute MMA with a 4-1-0 record. Denver has been steadily improving both his Muay Thai and his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with consistent practice. Training under his long time coach, Rob Handley, Denver has made significant gains in both his offense and defense in these two disciplines. Denver has added a strong wrestling base to his game which will only add to his strengths. This fight will be at Bantamweight, 135 lbs.

Denver’s opponent, Agustin Espinoza, is known for his heavy hands and explosive style. Tough and willing to scrap, Agustin will give Denver a great challenge which will make for a great fight. We are looking forward to fireworks from this one.

Steven “Razor” Sharp

Also to be joining the fray as a seasoned veteran of Utah Mixed Martial Arts. With a record of 28-15-0, Steve will bring a wealth of experience to the cage and upon his opponent. Steve is known for being tough as nails and his crushing punches and kicks. A local Utah favorite, Steve is the favored to win against his opponent.

Clay Collard is a younger fighter who is looking to make his mark with a win against Steve. Clay has a record of 9-4-0. He has some experience and most of his wins come by way of knockout or TKO due to strikes. Clay is hungry and working hard to get his game to the next level. This should be another barn burner.

Utah MMA, Absolute MMA Fighter Steven Sharp Wins Tournament!

‎Steven Sharp, a mixed martial arts fighter out of Absolute MMA, made the WCFC show an event to remember. Steve took home the belt in spectacular fashion. Out of 16 fighters in this MMA tournament, only he finished every fight, never leaving it to the judges. Steve truly had a stellar performance. So much so that he never even got hit while standing with his opponents. Each round was 5 minutes and Steve fought for a total of less than seven!

The first fight was punctuated by a crushing left hook leaving an opening for Steve to take the back and finish with a rear naked choke. The second fight had some drama as Steve defended a takedown and the fence gave way enough for his foot to pass through the cage and lock the fighter’s ankle. The fighters separated and the ring repaired, Steve seemed a man possessed as he controlled his opponent with a Muay Thai clinch and landed a knee to the chest and then one to the chin, dropping the opponent to the floor where he was finished by a huge right to the jaw.

The third fight was one with a lot of intensity against James Birdsley. The two came out with murderous intent, looking to claim not only the belt for the evening but the bragging rights to a much disputed claim about whose skills were superior. Steve crushed Birdsley, landing punches and kicks and defending takedowns. The fight ended by tapout as Steve stood over James landing huge punches to the ribs, shoulders and kidneys. James left holding a separated shoulder and Steve the bragging rights.

The last fight of the evening was greatly anticipated. Lucas Montoya looked great in all his fights, controlling his opponents with good Jiu Jitsu and ground and pound. He was in great shape and looked to have potential to be the champion as he submitted or TKO’d his opponents. Classic grappler versus striker match up. To Lucas’ credit, he did manage to get Steve to the ground and land a few strikes early in the round. When the fight was stood up for lack of positional improvement and damage, the tempo changed. Steve landed some hard shots to Lucas via leg kicks and crisp punches. Lucas closed the distance and took Steve down only to fall victim to a guillotine variation from Steve’s guard that had Lucas tapping almost as soon as it was on. Steve was victorious and crowned Champion! Congratulations, Absolute MMA and Steven Sharp!