I've visited this gym for a couple of months with no prior experience, I was a bit nervous going in... I was in for a pleasant surprise. There's no boundaries from teacher to student there. I've found that everyone is seen as an equal which makes for a learning environment that is second to none. Highly recommended."

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Grand Master Flavio Behring Seminar!

Grand Master Flavio Behring
is back in town August 23-25 for another amazing seminar!

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Salt Lake City Muay Thai

Absolute MMA Muay Thai Fighters
, Braeden Kilpack, Diego "Tito" Torres and Coley Armijo to fight November 3rd at a Salt Lake City Muay Thai gym.

Marcio Corleta!

4th Degree Behring Black Belt, Marcio Corleta,
will be giving a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar Tuesday and Wednesday, June 5th and 6th - $50 for Members of Absolute MMA.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar

4th Degree Black Belt under Carlson Gracie, Alex Derizans,
will be giving a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar March 11-12 - Free to Members of Absolute MMA.

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Absolute MMA Matches Are Just Like Training

July 27th, 2014 by




Just Like Training

This past Saturday, Absolute MMA competed in a Steel Fist Fight Night event of mixed martial arts bouts at 135 lbs. and 145 lbs. Skyler Frazier, Joel Haro and Thomas “T-train” Prestriedge entered this local Utah show to further their records and test their skills. Thomas ”T-train” Prestrige, a long time student at Paul Tom’s Academy of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in American Fork, has been augmenting his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Muay Thai, Judo and Boxing at Absolute MMA. Thomas has made some great improvements in his technique and conditioning. He is young, has dreamed of fighting in the cage and is chasing that dream. His victory on Saturday was one that belonged to both schools.

Thomas is a slightly built man of 19 years with an MMA record of 2 wins and 3 losses . He is quiet, soft spoken and polite. Not the brash image that comes to mind when people often think of MMA fighters. There isn’t the nervous energy around him that can come with fighters but rather a calm that hides his determination to succeed in a very difficult sport.


Round One.

Round one for Thomas was rough. He took some heavy punches which he weathered stoically and with poise. His opponent was a wrestler who was able to take Thomas down but didn’t want to engage with Thomas’ jiu jitsu skills and would quickly back out to return the fight to standing. Some of the takedowns saw Thomas thrown to the ground but he never changed his look and always returned to the fight. The third minute if the first round saw a glimpse of the outcome. Thomas kept his steady pace but the wrestler was slowing down and Thomas began to pepper him with punches and foot jabs. Round Two. The second round was very different. Thomas pressured his opponent and pushed him against the fence. Landing punches and forcing his opponent to cover, Thomas started working the clinch against the fence. As his opponent weakened and dropped his hands, Thomas applied a guillotine choke that forced panic in the wrestler. As he tried to escape the choke, Thomas took him down and achieved the mount position where he threw punches, forcing the referee to stop the fight and declare Thomas the victor by TKO!

Absolute MMA fighter, Skyler "The Utah Kid" Frazier.

Absolute MMA fighter, Skyler “The Utah Kid” Frazier.

Skyler “The Utah Kid” Frazier was the second Absolute MMA fighter of the evening. Skyler also dreams of being a professional mixed martial arts fighter. He is dedicated to his training and has arranged his life to revolve around it. His diet, workout schedule and technical training are the main points of focus in his life. His physique and conditioning both reflect his dedication to this goal. Round One. The first round saw Skyler taking a few leg kicks which didn’t seem to do much damage. Skyler was light on his feet and supremely confident in his own skill and training. Some punches were traded, each fighter landing strikes but Skyler was able to deflect most of the damage while his opponent took the more solid shots. Eventually the wrestler attempted a take down which was successful but he wasn’t able to keep Skyler on the ground for long and didn’t do any damage while he was there. Round one looked like it went against Skyler.



Round two.

Round two was much like the first round except that Skyler got taken down and wasn’t able to get back to his feet right away. It took some work due to his takedown defense but the Nebraska State wrestler eventually got past Skyler’s defense. Upon hitting the ground, Skyler immediately wrapped up the wrestler and took no damage. The pair worked for dominant position with Skyler maintaining strong control from the bottom and evading any shots that did get through. As he controlled the posture and one of his opponent’s arm, Skyler set up and executed a triangle submission. Being pressed up against the cage didn’t allow him to apply the leverage needed to finish the fight but he did apply pressure. As his opponent backed out and took a breath from the choke, Skyler used the space and timing to get back to his feet. The round ended with Skyler looking more active but still too close to be comfortable going into the third round. Round three. Round three saw Skyler come out with supreme confidence. Aggressive, striking and in control of the cage, he pressured his opponent with his superior striking, conditioning and intensity. It was soon evident that Skyler was looking to finish the fight and take any doubt away about who was there to win. Hard punches set up the clinch against the fence with Skyler in control. From there, Skyler took the fight to the ground, maintaining a dominant position and doing damage. As he pushed the pace and increased the pressure on his opponent, Skyler saw an opportunity to end it. He sunk in a guillotine choke, just as he had practiced so many times in the gym and pushed his opponent into the cage, effectively eliminating his ability to escape. Only a few short seconds were needed to force the tap and Skyler raised his hands in victory!

Absolute MMA fighter Skyler "The Utah Kid" Frazier with the win.

Absolute MMA fighter Skyler “The Utah Kid” Frazier with the win.

Absolute MMA fighter Joel Haro.

Absolute MMA fighter Joel Haro.

Joel Haro was the last fighter from Absolute MMA to enter the cage that night. He was also the only one to fight a title match. Amateur title matches, this one for the 135 lbs. belt, are five , three minute rounds. Well, the fans got all they could hope for in a title match.   Joel carries himself with confidence but no false bravado or posturing. He is as likely to help the brand new kid in class as he is to land a great striking combination and then ask if you are OK, afterwards. He is more known for his infectious smile than his fighting ability. Until now. This match was one that Joel dedicated himself to more than any other precious match. He made time to train before work, dialed in his diet and came to technical classes as well as sparring classes and Team Training (mixed martial arts class). He even went to the MMA Draft in Las Vegas a few weeks before the fight to se how he stacked up against others in his division. To quote his coach, Rob Handley, “That was the most enjoyable fight I’ve had the pleasure to corner.” Simply put, Joel’s performance was stellar. He moved smoothly. He threw combinations with calm and intensity. He followed up those combinations with more movement. He did damage and took almost none. His opponent had trouble moving due to the damage he took from the abundance of leg kicks he ate in all five rounds. He defended takedown attempts beautifully and maintained dominant position at all times. He commanded the pace and direction of that fight from start to finish. Joel won a unanimous, five round decision to claim the 135 lbs. amateur title. It was amazing to see.

Joel Haro with the SteelFist Fight 135 lbs. amateur title belt.

Joel Haro with the SteelFist Fight 135 lbs. amateur title belt.

The title of this article is, “Just Like Training.” It accurately describes the result of each one of these fights. These athletes train, day in and day out, all of the skills they used on that Saturday night. That was a fantastic night of skill, heart and determination on display for the SteelFist Fight crowd to see. Just like training, those warriors needed every one of their training partners to achieve the success they did. True to form every one gave credit to their team. Team Absolute MMA is proud of them and of all those it took to get them there. It was an amazing thing to be a part of. Congratulations, Thomas, Skyler and Joel!

Absolute MMA together after their winning night.

Absolute MMA together after their winning night.

Absolute MMA Dominates In Utah Mixed Martial Arts Show

February 17th, 2014 by

Absolute MMA dominated their last showing in local Utah mixed martial arts. The Absolute MMA team went three wins for three fights in the MMA Total Mayhem Heart Break on Saturday, February 15, 2014. There were two amateur matches, Aaron Thompson and Skyler Frazier, and one professional match, Kade Lindstrom.


Aaron Thompson of Absolute MMA on his way to a first round victory.

The first fight on the card was Aaron Thompson. The round started with the two combatants circling and exchanging legs kicks. Aaron quickly closed the distance and drove his opponent into the fence. Using his extensive wrestling background to take his opponent down, he obtained mount. From there the fight was pretty much over. Aaron maintained a top position, either mount or back, and rained down punches from various angles. Once his opponent turned to his belly to avoid the punches, Aaron flattened him out and sunk in a rear naked choke. The fight was called just 1 minute and 13 seconds into the first round. Absolute MMA took the first match by storm. One fight, one win.

Aaron Thompson wins in 1 minute and 13 seconds of the 1st round by rear naked choke.

Aaron Thompson wins in 1 minute and 13 seconds of the 1st round by rear naked choke.

Skyler Frazier of Absolute MMA lands a solid liver kick.

Skyler Frazier of Absolute MMA lands a solid liver kick.

The second fight of the night was Skyler Fraizer. Skyler was a replacement fighter for this fight with just two days notice. The opening exchange was a liver kick that Skyler delivered in devastating fashion. That kick visibly folded his opponent who sagged for just a second. That was all it took for Skyler to close the gap. Skyler pressed his opponent hard against the fence and delivered some crushing blows. His opponent dropped to the canvas and Skyler maintained his grip. He continued to punch for just a few more seconds before his opponent was unconscious and the referee stopped the fight. A 12 second fight and Skyler had his hand raised in victory. Second match of the night and Absolute MMA continued to dominate. Two fights, two wins.

Skyler Frazier wins in 12 seconds of the first round.

Skyler Frazier wins in 12 seconds of the first round.


Kade Lindstrom of Absolute MMA lands a huge knee in the first round.

Kade Lindstrom of Absolute MMA lands a huge knee in the first round.

Kade Lindstrom was the ninth fight of the night. This was Kade’s return to the cage as a professional mixed martial artist after a two and a half year lay off. His opponent Lee Doss, was no stranger to the cage with 30 fights on his record. Lee was a tough and game opponent and Kade was considered a heavy underdog. Kade accepted this and trained hard for his match. Rob Handley, Owner and Head Coach for Absolute MMA and Head Coach for Flavio Behring Jiu Jitsu USA, had seen Lee fight and formulated a strategy that proved to be successful.

The first round started with some strikes exchanged. A few punches and then Lee threw a head kick that landed solid. Kade closed the distance and drove Lee up against the fence. He then began to pressure Lee according to the game plan. Kade did lots of damage with clean knees to the thighs. Kade did the majority of the damage and was able to get the takedown and control him for most of the round. Lee did escape once back to his feet but was again pinned against the fence and controlled by Kade. The first round ended with Lee getting Muay Thai head control which Kade reversed and landed a huge knee to Lee’s head which dropped him. Kade swarmed him and landed quite a few really clean shots but Lee toughed it out and the round ended.

Lee landed another kick to Kade’s chin right off the bat. Lee seemed to have gotten his second wind this round and took Kade down and crowded him up against the fence. Lee spent most of the round in a dominant position, landing some punches and a few elbows. Kade worked to attack Lee’s arm but was unable to finish the lock. Kade continued to defend and eventually got back to his feet. Second round went to Lee.

Kade’s cornermen told him he won the first round and lost the second. He had to win the third. He was going to have to do more work and more damage than his opponent. Kade followed the game plan. He again pushed Lee against the fence and wrestled him to the ground after doing some damage with knees. Once on the ground he did damage with punches and elbows. Lee worked his technique and got back to his feet but was unable to escape the pressure Kade applied. More knees to the leg and some to the body put Kade in a position to get the takedown. He bounced Lee against the fence and used the rebound to get the final takedown of the match. This continued effort and willingness to work gave Kade the majority decision and the victory. Kade’s fight was also awarded Fight of the Night! Three fights, three victories and a Fight of the Night award.

Kade wins by decision over a tough opponent. These two also won Fight of the Night.

Kade wins by decision over a tough opponent. This match also won Fight of the Night.

It was a great night for Absolute MMA and Flavio Behring Jiu Jitsu USA! Three fights with two first-round finishes and a majority decision as well as a Fight of the Night performance! All three fighters showed heart and displayed the skill that they have trained for at Absolute MMA. We are proud of them and look for more great performances in the near future.

Some of the Absolute MMA team that came out to support their teammates.

Some of the Absolute MMA team that came out to support their teammates.

Mixed Martial Arts Displayed by Absolute MMA in Odgen

December 21st, 2013 by

Absolute MMA fighters continue to represent Utah mixed martial arts. We have two fighters displaying their mixed martial arts skill tomorrow! Braeden Kilpack and Joel Haro will both be fighting in amateur matches at the Summit Hotel in Ogden, Utah. The event is MMA Total Mayhem A.M.F. The doors will open at 6:00 pm and fights start at 7:00 pm.

Joel Haro. 2-0 mma record.

Joel Haro. 2-0 mixed martial arts record.

Joel’s mixed martial arts bout will be against Connor Jones at 135 lbs. He will be the 5th fight of the night. Joel’s amateur mixed martial arts record is 2-0 and wants to make this his third win. Joel has been training consistently and improving his Muay Thai. His punches are sharp and his kicks are fast. Look for an intense fight with lots of action.

Braeden Kilpack

Braeden Kilpack. 3-1 amateur mixed martial arts record.

Braeden Kilpack will be fighting to improve his three fight win streak to four. His record is 3-1 and he is hungry to make known his improved skill set. He will be matched against Hal Mitchell. Hal recently fought and lost to another Absolute MMA teammate and is looking to avenge his loss. This amateur mixed martial arts bout will be at a catch weight of 150 lbs.

Utah mixed martial arts is growing and Absolute MMA has been growing with it. Our fighters have won 6 of seven fights this year alone. Five of seven matches have been finished in the first round! We are making a name for ourselves with tough, technical and well conditioned athletes. Mixed martial arts will continue to be a part of our competition team. Come support our fighters and enjoy the show they will put on!

Absolute MMA Fighters in Two Utah MMA Events This Friday!

August 5th, 2013 by

Absolute MMA fighters, Joel Haro and Samson Phommabout, will be competing this Friday, August 9th, in mixed martial arts matches. They will be performing in two different location in two different shows.

Joel Haro, 1-0, will be fighting Jake Daniels, 0-0, in Jeremy Horn’s Elite Fight Night. Joel is looking to improve his record with a win over Jake in the Golden Spike Event Center at the Weber County Fair. The address for Joel’s fight is 1000 North 1200 West Ogden, UT. Joel won his debut match in under a minute with a TKO due to strikes. Joel has been training with intensity and an eye for technical improvement. His game is looking sharp so look for good things from him.



Samson Phommabout will be fighting Cameron Sondrup on the Steelfist Fight Night event, “Unstoppable.” Samson will be looking to improve his record to 3-0 at The Rail Event Center in downtown Salt Lake City. Samson won his first match in under one minute with a TKO of his opponent. His second match took nearly the same time but he finished his opponent with a rear naked choke. Samson means business and looks to come out on top in this fight.

Come support our team and cheer them on to victory this Friday night! You’ll have to pick one but both are worthy of our support and both have worked really hard. See you all at the fights!


Utah Mixed Martial Arts Features Absolute MMA Fighter

May 27th, 2013 by




Samson Phommabout is fighting again! Samson put on an impressive performance the last time he stepped into the Steel Fist Fight Night cage. Samson put on an amazing show at the last Steel Fist Fight Night. Fifty nine seconds into the first round the fight was called and Samson was awarded a T.K.O. victory. Samson has taken his fight training seriously and has put many more hours in at Absolute MMA. Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling has been a part of his training schedule for his second fight. He has worked with Absolute MMA Head Coach, Rob Handley, to improve his game and add additional strategy.


2Samson will be fighting this Friday, June 1, in the Steel Fist Fight Night XVI, “Relentless”. Fights will be held at the Legacy Event Center in Farmington, Utah. The address is 151 South 1100 West. Doors open at 4:30 pm fights start at 5:30 pm. Come support Samson in his second mixed martial arts match and wear your t-shirt!

Utah Mixed Martial Arts Event, Steel Fist Fight Night To Showcase Absolute MMA Fighter

April 4th, 2013 by
Samson Phommabout ready to fight on April 19 in Steel Fist Fight Night, Caged Fury.

Samson Phommabout ready to fight on April 19 in Steel Fist Fight Night, Caged Fury.

Samson Phommabout, fighting out of Absolute MMA, will be displaying his skill on April 19, 2013. The Steel Fist Fight Night, Caged Fury event will have several mixed martial arts bouts. Samson will have an amateur match against Ben Guymon. Both Samson and Ben will be making their mixed martial arts debut. This 145 lbs. match up will be just two weeks after Samson competed in the Champion Grappler tournament. Samson took gold and silver in his weight class for gi and nogi as well as gold in the absolute division. He has been taking his Jiu Jitsu training seriously and the results are evident.

Samson has also been improving his striking through regular, consistent practice. His kicks and knees are getting to the point where his training partners are trying to avoid them at all costs. Samson has shown the dedication and perseverance necessary to succeed in mixed martial arts. We are looking for a good performance from him.

We want to support Samson in his first fight so contact us for tickets. You can call Absolute MMA at 801-255-1166 for information. Caged Fury will be held at The Rail Event Center, downtown Salt Lake City at 235 north 500 west. Doors open at 6:00 pm and fights start at 7:00 pm. We will all be supporting him in his entrance to the fight game. Come show your support for our Absolute MMA team member!

Utah Mixed Martial Arts Fighter, Braeden Kilpack Fights Again!

February 28th, 2013 by

Braeden Kilpack, Utah mixed martial arts fighter out of Absolute MMA, is heading to California again. Braeden is taking his 2-1 record to Jamestown, CA to compete in the Art of War production, “Stand and Deliver.” His last fight in California was just one month ago. Looking to get experience as an amateur, Braeden has been traveling out of state to find opponents that will test his skills and help build his reputation for the move to professional mixed martial artist.

This match will be against an opponent who has more experience. Roque Reyes has a 5-2 fight record and is a scrappy wrestler. This should prove to be a great match up as Braeden has been known primarily for his striking. The fight takes place on March 2, 2013 and will be held at the Chicken Ranch Casino, Jamestown, California.



Training at his home gym Absolute MMA in West Jordan, Utah, Braeden shares his passion for the martial arts with his fellow teammates. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, Submission Grappling and Kettlebells are all part of the training that he incorporates into his fight game.  Currently known for his striking, Braeden also has put in hundreds of hours on the mat to sharpen his grappling skills as well as his wrestling. He is looking to be a complete mixed martial artist and knows that he cannot do this without dedication and serious effort.


The whole Absolute MMA team is looking for good things from Braeden. He puts in his time and helps those around him to improve. A team player in an individual sport is a rarity. Braeden has this trait and has the support of his whole team.


Utah MMA Returns to California

February 18th, 2013 by
Braeden Kilpack

Utah MMA fighter, Braeden Kilpack will once again be fighting in California. This will be Braeden’s 5th mixed martial arts fight, this time against an opponent whose record is 5-3-0. Roques Reyes, Braeden’s opponent, will be looking to derail Braeden’s three fight win streak and add a loss to his 3-1-0 record. This amateur MMA bout will be in the 145 lbs weight division.

Art of War: Stand and Deliver (Chicken Ranch Casino, Jamestown, California) on March 2nd will be the show to attend. Art of War Productions always has an exciting show. All of their fighters give their all, every time.

Braeden’s last appearance marked his third straight win as an amateur fighter. He returned to his home gym, Absolute MMA, and continued to work on polishing his skills. He has been training hard on his Muay Thai combinations and is looking sharp. Utah MMA will be represented well again. We will be looking for good things from Braeden. Good luck, Team Absolute!

Absolute Mixed Martial Arts Continues Support of Utah MMA

February 7th, 2013 by

_RAN5315-EditLance Gorman of Absolute Mixed Martial Arts will be entering a three round, mixed martial arts bout on February 8th. Showdown Fights X will be holding an event for both amateur and professional fighters in Orem, Utah. This event will be a another illustrious occasion for Utah MMA. Lance will be looking to improve his 6-6-0 record over Mike Gahan, a fighter out of John Hackleman’s camp in California. Mike’s record is 4-0-0 and he is known as a tough striker. This bout will be a professional match at 145 lbs.

Good luck, Lance. We are looking for a good fight on Friday. Come support Lance in his return to the cage!

UFC on Fuel TV Trailer About Michael McDonald Includes Absolute MMA Professor Rob Handley

January 30th, 2013 by


Absolute MMA head coach and owner Rob Handley appears in Fuel TV’s UFC Ultimate Insider. Absolute MMA is a gym in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rob and his team have been involved with the local Utah MMA scene for quite a while. Rob booked an out of state fight for one of his up and coming fighters, Braeden Kilpack, to improve his experience. Rob Braeden and a training partner, Cody Bunderson, were in California a few weeks ago at the Oakdale MMA facility. At the same time, Michael McDonald was preparing for his match against Renan Barao. Braden Kilpack and Cody Bunderson, both students of Rob and fighters out of Absolute MMA, were on hand as Fuel TV captured footage for their spotlight of Michael. Rob, a 3rd degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, was teaching class when the producer asked if he would be willing to give an interview. Rob agreed and some of the interview can be seen in the trailer. Cameo appearances by Braeden and Cody.

Good luck to Michael McDonald in his upcoming bout with Renan Barao for the UFC bantamweight title.