Does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu And Muay Thai Change A Person’s Perception Of You?

“Does Your Hobby Make You Memorable?”

The benefits of training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai are vast and they are varied. For some of us, it is the thrill of competition that keeps us coming back; for others it’s the endorphins. One of the seldom discussed benefits of martial arts, especially for practitioners of the female variety, is the fact that you always have a great conversation starter. All it takes is one mention of MMA, BJJ, or Muay Thai from a woman and people are enthralled.

I have been in classrooms, job interviews, and seminars where the mere mention of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu garners so much excitement that my first impression leaves an indelible mark. For instance, in my volunteer position I have met several people that hear my name and immediately ask, “The fighter?” My reputation proceeds me, in spite of the fact that I am not actually a fighter, and I have never made that claim. I’m not saying it is a forgettable fact when men divulge their martial arts hobby, but it is especially unforgettable for most people when they meet a woman who trains.


My admission that I train Muay Thai is usually met with questions of, “Do you spar?,” and “Do you train with the guys?” The fascination seems to be less about the sport itself, and more about the fact that I’m a woman in the sport. I’m not offended by this line of questions. In fact, I love answering them, it gives me the opportunity to evangelize about the sport, and brag about Absolute MMA. These questions are just one more perk from training, because after all of my blood, sweat, and tears, why wouldn’t I want some recognition off of the mat?

Written by Chelsea Kilpack

Utah Mixed Martial Artist To Fight In California.

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Braeden Kilpack will be fighting in California on January 19th! Braeden, one of Absoulte MMA’s up and coming mixed martial artists, will be fighting in Jamestown, CA at 145 lbs. The show will be Art of War Productions – Game Face “Respect the Game.”

Braeden’s first opponent backed out early but the promoters have worked hard and found him another match in Mike Scott. Word is that Mike is a striker, which will play well into Braeden’s skill set.

Braeden has been training consistently, looking to improve and polish his skill set. He lost his debut mma match but won his second fight by TKO in the final seconds of the third round. He has also competed in one amateur Muay Thai match. Braeden took home a unanimous decision for that bout.

Braeden will be heading out to train at our sister school, Oakdale MMA, for a week before the event to get acclimated. He will also be training with Michael McDonald and the Last Stand Fight Team.

Salt Lake City Mixed Martial Arts | Second Fight For Absolute MMA Teammate

Steelfist Fightnight IX, “The Warior Within” is this Friday! July 13th will see William DaBell in his second mixed martial arts fight! He will be fighting an independent fighter out of MMA21 named Adam Vrondos at 185 pounds. William has been consistent in his training and looking to apply his improved skills in this fight. William finished his last opponent in the second round with an arm triangle from the top.

Those of us at Absolute MMA who train with William know his work ethic, his skill, his power and determination. William is a beast on the mat and is someone to lookout for when sparring. He continues to make improvements in his game, training regularly on his Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his Wrestling.

Steelfist Fight Night IX will open their doors at 6:00 pm and fights start at 7:00 pm. This is a 21 and older event and will be held at 100 south and 536 west in Salt Lake City. Tickets can be purchased from William at the gym.

Come out this Friday and support William in his fight and represent Absolute MMA with your t-shirts and enthusiasm! We will see you there! Absolute MMA!!!!

Salt Lake City Muay Thai | Ramon Dekkers | Absolute MMA | 801-255-1166

Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers. If you know anything about Muay Thai, you know his name. Ramon fought for 20 years and had almost 200 fights with 175 wins, 90 by KO. He is an 8 time World Champion in Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing. He was voted Thai boxer of the year in 1992 in Thailand.

Ramon taught for almost 3 hours at a very high intensity level. He demonstrated every technique himself. He walked among the participants and gave individual instruction or coaching. He shared his own combinations and techniques without reservation and answered questions directly.

The techniques shared gave a different look at how to do damage and press the attack. It was a direct reflection of Ramon’s own fight style. Hooks followed by more hooks and kicks. Kicks followed by hooks and more kicks. Very powerful combinations, very much inside and in your face.

Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra, coaches at Absolute MMA, attended the seminar on Fathers Day June 16, 2012 by Ramon Dekkers held at Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA in Westlake Village, just outside of Los Angeles, California.  This constant pursuit of knowledge, dedication to improvement, finding coaches and athletes with different perspectives and ultimately staying true to our lifelong pursuit as students of the martial arts and never stop learning is a constant theme with the staff at Absolute MMA.

Marcio Corleta Seminar tonight at Absolute MMA

World Champion Jiu Jitsu fighter Marcio Corleta will be here tonight! $50.00 will allow you to train with a multiple time World Champion and Pan Am Champion! Marcio Corleta is a top level competitor and always leaves his heart and experience on the mat with us. His specialty is guard fighting and I’m sure he will be showing us high percentage techniques. Start time for the seminar is 6:00 pm tonight, June 5th and ends at 9:00 pm. The same for Wednesday, June 6th. The price is the same for one or both days. Come train with us and improve your Jiu Jitsu at Absolute MMA!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion to Teach at Absolute MMA

We just got word! Marcio Corleta, 4th degree black belt under Grand Master Flavio Behring, multiple time Mundial and Pan Am Champion and former Jiu Jitsu coach to Mirko Cro Cop, will be here this week! Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm he will be teaching Absolute MMA members Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques that he has perfected over many years of practice. The price is $50.00 for both days of instruction, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a rare opportunity to train with a champion and competitor of this caliber. Marcio always gives from his experience and doesn’t hold back his knowledge. Don’t miss this chance to improve your Jiu Jitsu with a multiple time champion of the highest order!

Absolute Mixed Martial Arts Muay Thai Fighters To Compete In June Doom

June Doom Muay Thai fights are this Saturday! Come support Dustin Bond, AmberLee Watkins and Feki Pouha as Absolute MMA fighters. All of these fight team members have been working hard to prepare for this event. Fights start at 6:00 pm and tickets are available at the door for $23.00. This event will be held at the Muay Thai Institute, 650 east Wilmington Avenue, Salt Lake City. We want to see ALL the Absolute MMA shirts in the crowd! Come represent!

Student Spotlight at Absolute Mixed Martial Arts

Our student spotlight for the month of May is Elloy Berumen. Elloy has been a member of Absolute MMA for about seven and a half months now. Elloy’s main focus for that time was Muay Thai Boxing. Only within the last two weeks has he ventured into the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. Elloy, like many of our team, has achieved some great success in reaching his goals. In the time he has been with us, he has lost 35 pounds! He is aiming for more but what a great accomplishment! I talked with Elloy for a bit about his experience at Absolute MMA and what he feels has changed for him as a result of training with us. Elloy’s first response was that his mindset has changed. When asked what he meant he said, “This place has changed my life.” Elloy said his whole outlook has changed. He feels he is a more positive person as well as patient. According to Elloy, he is happier now instead of depressed like he was in the time before he trained. Elloy says he looks forward to coming to the gym, he is motivated to be here. I asked him what it is that motivated him and he said, “I want to be better! I want to improve my skill and my fitness.” Elloy also said he thinks twice before he eats something, just so he can do well in class. He has learned that eating better changes his performance for better or worse and tries to do things for positive change. Elloy says he likes the positive environment at Absolute MMA and the fact that all of the students try to help each other get better. Coaches Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra say “Absolute MMA is a positive place for positive change.” We are happy to have Elloy with us. He works hard, comes consistently and is always looking to improve.

MMA Fights in Utah Features Absolute Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

Vadim Komarov, Absolute MMA fighter, will be appearing in the Steelfist Fight Night “7”, Heavy Hitters. Vadim’s opponent for this Mixed Martial Arts bout will be Ryan Wagner, owner a 2-2 record. Vadim has a record of 3-2 and will be looking to add another win to his stats.

Vadim has been training hard and improving all his skill sets. He has very fast hands for his weight of 205 lbs. and has been working consistently to polish his Jiu Jitsu.

The fights will be held at The Complex in Salt Lake City on Friday, April 20th. Doors open at 6 pm and fights start at 7 pm. Come watch our Team Absolute brother bring his game and take home a victory.

Muay Thai in Utah, Two Wins for Absolute MMA Fighters

Absolute MMA does it again! Two fights and two wins in March Mayhem’s Muay Thai fights at the Muay Thai Institute.

It was a packed house with lots of anticipation in the air and a whole bunch of Team Absolute supporters in the crowd. Javier Jones was the first of the two fighters to display their skills. He came out the aggressor and took the fight to his more muscled opponent. Javier worked his hands while in close as his opponent tried to keep distance to apply kicks. Javier got swept a few times but was able to land quite a few punches that had his opponent dropping his hands out of exhaustion. Javier kept up the pressure in his first Muay Thai fight, for all three rounds and won a split decision to claim the first win of the night for Absolute MMA. Congratulations, Javier!

Alexis Asher’s fight was really fast paced. Alexis came out swinging hard, using her boxing background, and drove her opponent against the rope right off the bell, landing hard shots to the head. Her opponent clinched and was subject to knees to the body and more punches to the head. Alexis’ opponent tried to use foot jabs and kicks to stop taking damage but with little success. Alexis continued to land shots to the head with her punches and more knees to the body as the fight continued. Maintaining a hard pace, Alexis wore her opponent down and claimed a unanimous decision for the second win of the night from Team Absolute. Congratulations, Alexis!

Both Javier and Alexis train out of Absolute MMA, one of the best Muay Thai boxing gyms in Utah with Coaches Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra.