Fix-o-meter Helps Absolute MMA Train for World Kettlebell Lifting Championships


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Absolute MMA is on its way to the World Kettlebell Lifting Championships. We are training to compete in this event in October of 2013. Our team is training consistently and with serious intent. This will be the first kettlebell competition … Continue reading

New Kettlebell class!!!

We are proud to announce that we will be teaching kettlebell class at 9:00 am Saturday mornings, starting May 7th. These classes will be directed towards educating team members on proper technique and form for kettlebell sport lifting. This is a great opportunity to improve your overall fitness, stamina and strength endurance. We will teach basic movements, safety and proper form for all lifts included in the World Kettlebell Club ranking system. Come join us for an opportunity for a great workout and a great learning experience.


Valery Fedorenko, Rob Handley, Ivan Denisov, Marty Farrell

Kettlebells TEACH athleticism. They can develop speed, power, explosiveness, endurance, precision, balance and all kinds of other attributes athletes desire, including pure strength, but you have to understand how this is done with this particular tool. Method is everything!


American Kettlebell Club Coach- Rob Handley

Photo courtesy of American Kettlebell Club

Kettlebell Sport and Conditioning for MMA Athletes coming soon.

Kettlebell training is a major break from traditional weight lifting and running. Sets are high-rep, long and timed, strength AND endurance are worked simultaneously — no gaps in training. The results of what Kettlebell lifters can do speak for themselves.