“Hips Don’t Lie: The Assets Every Woman Already has to Succeed in Martial Arts”


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You throw like a girl. You run like a girl. You hit like a girl. Do any of those taunts sound familiar to you? Maybe you have never been the target of these invectives, but surely you have heard them … Continue reading

Does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu And Muay Thai Change A Person’s Perception Of You?

“Does Your Hobby Make You Memorable?”

The benefits of training Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai are vast and they are varied. For some of us, it is the thrill of competition that keeps us coming back; for others it’s the endorphins. One of the seldom discussed benefits of martial arts, especially for practitioners of the female variety, is the fact that you always have a great conversation starter. All it takes is one mention of MMA, BJJ, or Muay Thai from a woman and people are enthralled.

I have been in classrooms, job interviews, and seminars where the mere mention of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu garners so much excitement that my first impression leaves an indelible mark. For instance, in my volunteer position I have met several people that hear my name and immediately ask, “The fighter?” My reputation proceeds me, in spite of the fact that I am not actually a fighter, and I have never made that claim. I’m not saying it is a forgettable fact when men divulge their martial arts hobby, but it is especially unforgettable for most people when they meet a woman who trains.


My admission that I train Muay Thai is usually met with questions of, “Do you spar?,” and “Do you train with the guys?” The fascination seems to be less about the sport itself, and more about the fact that I’m a woman in the sport. I’m not offended by this line of questions. In fact, I love answering them, it gives me the opportunity to evangelize about the sport, and brag about Absolute MMA. These questions are just one more perk from training, because after all of my blood, sweat, and tears, why wouldn’t I want some recognition off of the mat?

Written by Chelsea Kilpack

Marcio Corleta Seminar tonight at Absolute MMA

World Champion Jiu Jitsu fighter Marcio Corleta will be here tonight! $50.00 will allow you to train with a multiple time World Champion and Pan Am Champion! Marcio Corleta is a top level competitor and always leaves his heart and experience on the mat with us. His specialty is guard fighting and I’m sure he will be showing us high percentage techniques. Start time for the seminar is 6:00 pm tonight, June 5th and ends at 9:00 pm. The same for Wednesday, June 6th. The price is the same for one or both days. Come train with us and improve your Jiu Jitsu at Absolute MMA!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion to Teach at Absolute MMA

We just got word! Marcio Corleta, 4th degree black belt under Grand Master Flavio Behring, multiple time Mundial and Pan Am Champion and former Jiu Jitsu coach to Mirko Cro Cop, will be here this week! Tuesday and Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm he will be teaching Absolute MMA members Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques that he has perfected over many years of practice. The price is $50.00 for both days of instruction, Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a rare opportunity to train with a champion and competitor of this caliber. Marcio always gives from his experience and doesn’t hold back his knowledge. Don’t miss this chance to improve your Jiu Jitsu with a multiple time champion of the highest order!

Jiu Jitsu in Utah Shines at NAGA tournament

Absolute MMA entered thirteen competitors at the North American Grapplers Association (NAGA) tournament last weekend. We took home 19 medals! Twelve 1st place finishes, four 2nd place finishes and three 3rd place finishes. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the foundations of our program. Under Professor Rob Handley, we learn and demonstrate the quality of his instruction and teaching methods. We are constantly improving our technique and challenging each other to improve our game. This is evidenced in the performance of our team last Saturday. Here are the individual results from the event. Congratulations to all our competitors, win or lose. We are proud of you all.

Mens NO-GI Novice Feather Weight
3rd Place Matt Belchak
Mens GI White Belt Feather Weight
2nd Place Matt Belchak

Mens NO-GI Intermediate Feather Weight
1st Place Denver Merrifield-Nirva
Mens GI Blue Belt Feather Weight
1st Place Denver Merrifield – Nirva

Mens NO-GI Expert Light Weight
1st Place Cameron Dansie
Mens GI Purple Belt Light Weight
1st Place Cameron Dansie

Mens NO-GI Intermediate Super Heavy Weight
2nd Place Ryan Williamson
Mens NO-GI Expert Super Heavy Weight
3rd Place Ryan Williamson

Womens NO-GI Expert
1st Place Rebecca Rodriguez
Womens GI Expert
1st Place Rebecca Rodriguez

Mens GI Blue Belt Light Weight
1st Place Justin Mitterling

Mens GI Blue Belt Cruiser Weight
1st Place William DaBell

Mens GI Blue Belt Super Heavy Weight
3rd Place Jared Fackrell
Mens GI Masters White Belt Super Heavy Weight
1st Place Jared Fackrell

Mens GI Purple Belt Cruiser Weight
1st Place Bentley Garner

Mens GI Masters Blue Belt Light Weight
2nd Place Eric Ciffone

Mens GI Directors Expert
1st Place Pedro Sierra

Kids NO-GI Beginner 49.9 lbs. and Under 7 & 8 year olds
2nd Place Mason Ciffone
Kids GI Beginner 49.9 lbs. & Under 7 & 8 year olds
1st Place Mason Ciffone

So you think girls can’t fight?

Here’s Rebecca and Rickey working on their Jiu Jitsu. Absolute MMA teaches Jiu Jitsu to men, women and children. Young and old, no experience needed. You don’t have to want to be a fighter to learn everything the fighters do. Statistics show that women and girls who play sports have higher self-esteem, which leads to more confidence, fewer teen pregnancies, and a host of other positive side effects. Choosing Jiu Jitsu as your sport also increases your ability to defend yourself should the need arise. What are you waiting for?