Fight Summit Convention

Rob Handley, Camrann Pacheco and I went to beautiful Las Vegas this weekend for the first ever, MMA Business Convention. The conference was sponsored by MMA Business Magazine, and spanned Friday, Saturday and Sunday with instructional and educational seminars from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm each day.

The event was well worth the entry fee. There were keynote speakers like Greg Jackson, Randy Couture, Mark DelaGrotte, Ed Soares and many others. We were educated on communication for MMA businesses that included marketing, advertising and public relations. Search engine optimization techniques, video utilization for websites and marketing, strength and conditioning and nutrition were some of the other topics as well as many more. There were vendors for gear, apparel, marketing, sublimating logos, mouth guards and more.
This event was well put on. It was professionally run, the accommodations and rate were great at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino and lunch was provided each day. There were a few mishaps which were quickly and professionally rectified. Mike Hauben of AVR Interactive /, Glenn Hansen and Ron Benfield of MMA Business Magazine were all very personable, professional and accommodating.
As with any initial endeavor, there were items which could be improved. Some of the presenters were very well prepared with power point presentations and well thought out points of communication. Some could use some more coaching in all areas of public speaking including preparation.
Overall, this was a fantastic opportunity for those of us in the MMA business to acquire education on many facets of business. Something often overlooked by those of us who have the passion for the arts we teach and love. This was also a fantastic time to network and meet major and minor players in our business in order to develop networking relationships to further each others goals in our fledgling business.
Abosolute MMA will definitely be back next year to see the improvements made and take part in this fantastic opportunity.
Pedro Sierra