Patience in Jiu Jitsu and Kick Boxing?

Patience. We have all heard it before; it’s a virtue, we should practice it more, it will help us be less stressed. That’s great, but how does patience help us when we practice martial arts? What good does it do to be patient when our opponent is trying to do impose their will on us or trying to do damage? Shouldn’t we do everything we can to protect ourselves and impose our will?

Working with different body types can give a good opportunity to understand how patience is important in our training. If our partner is the smaller than we are, we may not have a need for patience. We can move them around and use strength to place them in positions which allow us to dominate or control them. Not much need for patience there.

Training partners who are larger or have greater skill gives us different fight variables. We cannot put them where we want and we can’t break through their defense. We are often on the defensive due to their strength and size. Imposing our will can be a long forgotten dream as we struggle to survive. If we hurry to “win” or make them submit we can run up against some serious threats to our safety. If we can’t break through their defense we have to wait for a mistake on their part to be able to apply a combination which will do damage or distract them so we can do damage. So how do we get to a place where we can impose our will? Here is where patience comes in.

Waiting forces us to look at the situation we are in now and not the one we want to be in. We are forced to asses the immediate threat and deal with it correctly. Correctly dealing with this threat can put us in a couple different positions. We can end up defending the next attack, we can be in position to launch our own attack and we can be in a neutral position where either of us have the opportunity to attack.